John & Shannon Le Seelleur

John Le Seelleur is the Managing Director of production and marketing. He will be happy to discuss your order of rock oysters for sale in Jersey or abroad.

His wife, Shannon manages informative ‘Champagne & Oyster’ tours where you can learn about the quality crop produced by Seymour Oyster together with the importance of environmental stewardship and the history of the area.

John Le Seelleur is a seventeenth generation farmer with considerable knowledge and expertise of farming which has resulted in him becoming very successful. John has been a farmer all his life working in England as well as Jersey. He turned to farming oysters over twenty years ago.

The Le Seelleur family have farmed on the same farm in Jersey, continually since the 1400’s and their farm at the North East of the Island is one of the oldest working farms remaining in Jersey. This farm is one of the sites where Seymour Oysters are graded, processed and packed for distribution.

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Trevor Le Cornu

Trevor Le Cornu is the Managing Director of the purification plant and sales to the retail sector.
Like John, Trevor is also from an established Jersey farming background but took the engineering route instead of farming. Having established a successful engineering career Trevor soon combined the two skill sets and became the founder of the original company and the onsite engineer.

Under John & Trevor’s partnership Seymour Shellfish have recently taken on a modern purpose built unit for the processing and packing of shellfish ensuring they maintain the highest standards at all times. They have already gained SALSA accreditation and have been awarded Jersey’s 5 stars for food hygiene and preparation.

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