Media & Events

Seymour Oyster Company and Seymour Shellfish have undertaken many projects involving schools and the public by way of introducing our products and our professionalism and techniques. Here are a few:

Working with schools in Jersey and France to introduce farming and our crop together with the importance of producing and eating a healthy food alongside top quality stewardship. This has involved visits to the oyster beds, talks at schools and undertaking art programmes with local schools.

Television programmes have included several in the UK such as ‘Channel 4 Unwrapped’, French Channel 2, Russian television and of course several interviews ad publications with Jersey television and media. We have also undertaken marketing for Visit Jersey and digital tourism in  the Jersey Digital Tourism Think Tank.

If your company or television channel would like to work with us please contact either:

Shannon Le Seelleur:
07797 717 410

Trevor Le Cornu:
07797 783 183