‘Champagne & Oyster’ Tour

‘Champagne & Oyster’ Tours can include as little or as much as you wish to learn about oyster production and its history. Travel to the depths of Seymour Oyster’s oyster beds and meet some of our 14 million oysters. Imagine how on a high tide there would be perhaps ten metres of water above you! This is an ever changing environment which varies from hour to hour.

Our oyster beds are set in tranquil crystal clear waters in an attractive coastal landscape which is cradled with views of France on a clear day. Tours cost £30 per person (£5 or £10 for children depending on whether they eat oysters and would like drinks) The tour can be bespoke so if you wish a tailor made tour that can be arranged. They can last upward of 2 hours but can be less or more depending upon the individuals on the day. They include champagne or sparkling wine and of course a taste of our crop! Water is also provided.